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A word from the Bumpkins behind the Pumpkins.

In a sentence – The Fall Down is New England’s premiere, theme-oriented music experience.

The experience started in its hometown of Durham – where friends first held a simple get-together with a creative ambition - we light a fire, we jam, we carve pumpkins – we camp out, and we kickoff our favorite Holiday – Halloween.

A short year, a move and sixteen acres later - The Fall Down was born. Soon it was bumpkins, bands, tent city and lots of pumpkins. We were obligated to go after what was now a legitimate dream – Throw our own Festival.

In a few short years it's grown to become what you have or will experience - FD5 – Two days and nights plus of the most talented musicians and music we can muster, the owl parliament, pumpkins, camping, art installations, and the intuition that if you can’t be the biggest (which we don’t want to) you have to be the best.

That’s why we're Camp Farnum. An historic and perfect location just lookin’ for some of your love;

What keeps The Fall Down grounded, is its allegiance to its roots. That’s where you come in. Possibly the most important aspect of The Fall Down experience is its ability to throw back.
That’s why we REQUIRE every owl who flies in to bring a carved JACKOLANTERN. We do this for two reasons – to light the place up in an amazingly unique and awesome way….. (your Jackolanterns light the camping area of the festival grounds). And…To. Get. You. Psyched. Think now about your Jackolantern, and your costume.

If you don’t have one – you’ll feel under-dressed. Approach it like we do the entire experience - make it – love it – wear it – show it.


     We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us.  Afterall, here at the Fall Down, we’re all Country Bumpkins – Don’t be shy now, show us your Pumpkins…


The Fall Down is a Beamstar Production

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