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Friday night costume contest with guest judges! Prizes for funniest, scariest, sexiest, and most creative! Stay tuned to the Fall Down Facebook or watch for an e-mail for updated info!


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Rules and Guidelines

  • Attendees must bring a carved Jack-o'-lantern for admission
  • The legal drinking age in CT is 21. You must possess a valid ID if you intend to bring/consume alcohol.
  • There is no ATM at Camp Farnam. There is one nearby at the general store.
  • Fall Down occurs rain or shine. There are covered pavilions/cabins to protect the festival and festival-goers against inclement weather~! No matter what happens- dryness is a guarantee~!
  • All tix are non-refundable. This means that there will be no refunds under ANY circumstances whatsoever.
  • Re-entry into the festival IS permitted.
  • All attendees will be issued a non-duplicable fabric wristband which must be worn visibly on the wrist at all times. No excuses for “lost” wristbands.
  • We use good ones that DON’T COME OFF. If you “lose” your wristband-you will be required to purchase another at the gate.
  • Any person found cheating or stealing from FD by sneaking in without proper and fair exchange (paying)  will be escorted to the gate and exited out from the festival and will not be allowed to return.
  • Be fair, be good and DO NOT take advantage.
  • Fall Down is not held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged belongings during the course of the event.
  • Vehicles without a camping permit must be parked in designated general parking areas. (3-5 min hike/shuttle to camping) Vehicle and RV camping permits can be purchased here
  • Please camp at designated locations ~
  • Camp and walk as lightly as possible upon the land.
  • Avoid haste- Minimize waste- Don’t leave a trace.
  • Be a good neighbor- shine your lovelight-  help and respect others.
  • No glass bottles or other glass objects allowed- strictly enforced.
  • No Dogs.
  • Please use recycling containers and compost bins.
  • Cigarette butts must be pocketed or placed in proper receptacles.
  • Independent sound systems are not permitted.
  • No unauthorized vending is permitted.
  • No fireworks, firearms, or weapons of any kind permitted on the Fall Down grounds.
  • No open fires are permitted. Chimineas are fine. Small Coleman-style grills and hibachis for cooking are allowed. No full sized BBQ grills will be allowed without a vending permit.
  • The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. All laws pertaining to drug use should be respected.
  • We encourage you to participate at Fall Down in a lawful and healthy manner.
  • There will be no alcohol served or for purchase on the premises.
  • We have ZERO tolerance for public intoxication of any kind.
  • Public intoxication will be cause for expulsion from the festival without a refund.
  • Please decant all your beverages into cups.
  • Please bring non-perishable food items to donate to the local Food Pantry- please be generous
  • Don’t just come out for the entertainment- BE the entertainment! What are you bringing to Fall Down?
  • Don’t forget to bring a drum if you have one! Or any other instrument you’d like to share.
  • The Great Pumpkin Bonfire is a gathering place- The Great Pumpkin Bonfire is set apart for Feathered Friends singing, dancing, story-telling and Drum Circles or just chilling.
  • SMOKERS: if you smoke please bring a pocket ashtray or an Altoids tin can to put your butts in. You can also just put it out and put the butt in your pocket if you forget to do this. Dropping butts on the ground is     LITTERING.
  • Bring gifts to give to the people you meet and the friends you will make!
  • We also ask for at least an hour of service to help us out and to flex those “Volunteering” Muscles!
  • As a Community, we ask that if you see someone littering or throwing cigs out on the ground to please mention to them that this is a leave no trace gathering and help remind them what the goal is. We want to make sure we show proper love and respect to our beautiful Earth!
  • Campers must leave premises Sunday afternoon by 4:30pm.
  • Any “Ground-Scores” of tents, equipment or personal property are considered theft- do not take anything that is not yours- please report any lost items to Fall Down Staff at the info/merch booth adjacent to the main stage pavilion. Anyone caught “ground-scoring” large items will be viewed as a thief- cause that’s what it really is- THEFT!
  • Please be respectful, peaceful, helpful and courteous to each other- c’mon humanity- we can do this thing!
  • We have worked very hard and have sacrificed much to bring to you an event that is honest, affordable, sustainable.
  • Cheating Fall Down in anyway will be viewed as an offense that will not be tolerated under ANY circumstances.
  • If you are unwilling to either purchase a ticket or volunteer in exchange for entry- YOU DO NOT BELONG AT Fall Down.
  • There will be roving security checking wristbands.


    A suggested list of items and accessories to bring to make your weekend more comfortable.
  • Your Paypal/Fan Fueled receipt/ticket for the festival and valid ID if you intend to bring/ consume alcohol.
  • Food and beverages for a weekend of camping
  • Tent or waterproof shelter
  • Warm Sleeping bag/blankets/thermarest or sleeping pad/cot/blow up matress
  • Ground cloth/overhead tarps=cheap and key to dry camp..
  • Rope/line/par-cord
  • Pop-Up for shade or shelter
  • Warm clothes for the evening.
  • Jacket /Sweater
  • Rain gear
  • Gloves
  • Clean Draws
  • Dancing shoes/boots
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Suncreen
  • Biodegradeable soap.
  • Toofbrush/paste
  • Earplugs.
  • Garbage bags.
  • First-aid kit.
  • Re-usable cups, plates, and eating utensils.
  • Blankets, chairs, and mats.
  • Re-usable water bottle. Potable water is free and available.
  • Small container for cigarette butts disposal, if you smoke.
  • Acoustic instruments of all kinds – drums, didgeridoos, singing bowls, etc. We will have daily drum circles and singing bowl circles.
  • Costumes for yourself. Decorations for your camp.
  • Altar items to decorate the community altar.
  • How to make the Most of your Fall Down Experience

    Leave all worry and judgement at the door~
    Bring gifts to share~
    Bring an open open mind to receive~
    Resonate and Radiate your highest frequencies of love and light~
    Have no expectations~
    Treat everyone you meet like a long-lost friend now rediscovered~
    Don’t get trashed, being wasted makes you unavailable~
    Get super-high on love, bliss, pleasure, laughter and consciousness~
    Connect with people outside your age group~
    Dance with 10 different people every day~
    Plan on contributing to the Art Scene~
    Build something that will make other people proud to be human~
    Be Swank~ Be Lavish~ Live it Up~
    Let the Musicians and artists know how much you appreciate them~
    Smile, wave and hug lots of people heart-to-heart~
    Be a Healer~ Allow others to heal you~
    Make everyone feel loved, welcomed and appreciated in your presence~WE LOVE YOU~!!!
    Leave No Trace (LNT) is the practice of “pack it in pack it out” that requires a complete sensitivity to the earth. It is a technique based on personal responsibility of one’s actions relating to and resulting in generating refuse and impacting the land. It is a conscious approach to realizing the impact man has on our planet and adjusting his/her actions accordingly. If you are not aware of the details of this concept, PLEASE take the time to educate yourself and respect our earth.

    Understanding what is “refuse”
    Taking responsibility for your own trash
    Taking responsibility for other’s trash
    Leave the land as you found it – low impact and no removal
    Enforcing and spreading LNT awareness
    Understanding what is refuse.
    The concept of Leave No Trace means just that; leave the land in such a way so that no impact is identifiable. This means, not only minimizing the alterations of land during one’s use, but leaving absolutely NO refuse whatsoever. Refuse then should be understood as ANY material, not naturally occurring, discarded by man. This includes (some items not always perceived as trash):
    Gum/Gum wrappers
    Cigarette butts
    Fruit peels
    Toilet paper
    Microtrash (small loose items like confetti, feathers, staples, nails, etc.)
    ANYTHING man-made
    Timeline of Biodegradation (examples):
    Banana peel = 2-10 days
    Cotton rags = 1-5 months
    Paper = 2-5 months
    Rope = 3-14 months
    Orange peel = 6 months!
    Cigarette filters = 1-12 years!!!
    Taking responsibility for your own trash.
    Taking responsibility means making sure ALL unnatural items leave with you. This means carefully collecting all of your refuse into proper disposal/recycling bags and visually combing the land of any smaller items that may potentially be overlooked and left behind. Furthermore, one should take steps to reduce the amount of refuse generated prior to visiting nature by eliminating extra, unnecessary packaging, and combining items when possible.
    Taking responsibility for other’s trash.
    This practice is crucial in the Leave No Trace ethic. We must get past the idea that someone else’s trash is their responsibility only. In a place where communities gather, the responsibility should be seen as that of the collective. One must realize that cleaning up someone else’s trash along with their own DOES make a difference. Not only does it eliminate the trash of irresponsible individuals, but it promotes the collective awareness among and beyond those working to make a difference.
    Leave the land as you found it – low impact and no removal.
    This is the idea of minimizing the impact on the land you are using. Take care when using a vehicle on sensitive land and be aware of the heightened sensitivity when the earth is soft and muddy. When building campfires, make sure to properly contain the fire itself and return the site to the state it was in when you arrived (returning rocks and wood when using a primitive campsite). If the land contains fragile vegetation, take extra care to avoid disturbing the ecosystem and use pre-existing trails–ALWAYS–when available.
    Enforcing and spreading LNT awareness.
    Aside from actually following the LNT ethic, this is the most important aspect of practice. Educating others about these concepts spreads the awareness of what is refuse, and reinforces the idea that everyone working together does make a difference. Along with educating others, is it extremely important to enforce these practices to those who fail to take responsibility. When one is confronted on their actions, or lack of, they will be forced to face the reality of their carelessness. They will then, hopefully, realize that the accepted ‘norm’ is, in fact, to be responsible and ecologically aware. One person can make a difference and many can change the world. Spread the word and protect our mother.


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